Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Deal with a Pet that has Fleas

So many times I have heard people say they put their pet outside because it has fleas and they do not want it in the house.  This is a horrid attitude, if your pet has fleas you need to help your pet, you need to deal with it.  I think one reason why people are so callous to their pets is they simply do not know how to get rid of fleas or assume it is expensive to do so.

There are many ways of controlling fleas on your pet.  I do not recommend flea collars or other over-the-counter flea control remedies.  Many of these have been linked to pet death even when used correctly.  They use ingredients that some pets are allergic to.  Additionally flea collars are not very effective in the first place.

Bathing your cat or dog in any regular dish washing liquid can help but their are claims that DAWN dish washing liquid is even more effective against fleas than the others.  Never use an anti-bacterial dish washing detergent on your pet.

I prefer the cheap method of flea removal; a flea comb. You can comb through your pet's fur under bright light (or in the sun) and remove any fleas or flea eggs.  You can stick these in cold water or on to tape, for disposal. 

Additionally you have to vacuum your home to get rid of eggs that could potentially hatch.  Pay close attention to areas your pet likes to sleep and wash all pet bedding.  Keep the lawn mowed short to reducing hiding places of fleas.   Note that ants will eat fleas too so if you have ants in your yard, consider them as allies rather than enemies.  If you are rural a few free range hens, ducks, or guinea fowl will eat fleas.

Food grade diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled on the pet to help control fleas too.

Cats that go outside are likely to get fleas, do not ignore your pet's itching!

Some people feed Brewer's Yeast to their pet to control fleas, and in fact some pet foods contain this as an ingredient.  Dogs can be given small amounts of garlic as well to help control fleas. Note that these products will not get rid of fleas but are used to help prevent them.

Your veterinarian will carry safe products for flea and tick control.  These products can also be ordered online too, however a prescription is usually required and the weight of your pet must be known for a proper dosage.  Note that you can buy similar products in the stores but these are not as safe as the ones from the veterinarian.

Mainly a person must realize that it is cruel to ignore the fact that their pet has fleas.  If your pet has fleas you need to deal with it!