Monday, September 26, 2011

Why are Dogs Neglected by Their Owners?

Recently I was awarded best answer for the question “Why do People Own Dogs but they Don't Take Care of Them?”. This not an easy question to answer because there are so many reasons why dogs are neglected, and some people do not even realize that they are not taking proper care of their pet.
Many people get dogs without realizing how much work they really are. They see a cute pup, and think it would be rather fun to have a dog, but before too long that pup is huge, and tearing their house apart, and is tossed out to live in the backyard where it digs and barks.

A lot of neglected dog problems start when a parent has given in to their child's begging for a dog.  When the child becomes tired of the dog, or out grow the novelty of owning a dog, the parents may not be willing to pick up the slack. This is something that always troubles me since the adults should have been aware that this does happen and should not have taken on getting a pet they were not willing to help care for. It's pretty much common knowledge that kids really cannot make lifetime commitments to pets.

Eager prospective dog owners often do not do proper breed research when they get a dog, they fail to recognize that different dogs have different lifestyle needs; while one breed of dog is fine at home on the sofa, others need a ton of exercise or mental stimulation to keep them satisfied (and behaved). Some breeds of dog require daily hair brushing or their fur tangles and forms painful mats.

Some people overlook the costs and expenses of dog care. They cut corners. They fail to vaccinate their dog, don't spay or neuter it, do not take it to obedience lessons, and neglect worming and flea control. The dog ends up riddled with parasites, becomes unruly, or starts urinating in the house so the people kick it outside. Again this is failure to plan for the pet.
Overall I do not think that anyone gets a dog with the intent of neglecting it. They simply were over eager and failed to do their homework before getting the dog.

If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, you need to:

  • Do Breed Research
  • Calculate the Yearly Cost of a Dog
  • Decide if you have Enough Time for a Dog

If you took on the responsibility of dog ownership you are responsible for training the dog, feeding the dog, making sure the dog is well groomed, and overseeing the mental happiness of the dog. You are responsible for the veterinary needs of the dog for its entire lifetime, so, well... deal with it.

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