Monday, August 8, 2011

Who Let the Cats Out

Speaking of people who let their cats outside and then cry when the cat gets squished by a car. I feel sorry for the cat, not the person.

Now.. before you get all pissed, I want to tell you that many years ago, I had a cat get run over. Missy was a beautiful Torbie cat, she rarely left the yard. One day my neighbors were moving out. They had a moving van in front of their home and were in and out all day with boxes. I heard a doorbell ring, it was my neighbor.

They did not see it happen, but on one trip out with boxes they found my cat laying dead in the road, the vehicle that hit her had driven away. She was still warm. Should I be mad at the driver? No. I was the fool that let her outside and I knew there was always a risk. The incident motivated me to build a cat enclosure so it would not happen again.

In short, if you let your cat out, and your cat gets killed, it's your fault, deal with it.

I even hear people blame their kids “Oh, my child let the cat out.”. So what? If your kid is old enough to open the door and go in and out by themselves they are old enough to be wary of letting the cat outside. Simple.  At the end of the day it matters not if your kid let the cat out, a dead cat, is a dead cat.

Cats don't have nine lives, they have one. If you put your cat outside, even only once, it is at risk. Traffic isn't the only danger. Neighbors that are tired of your cat pooping in their yard will try to find a way of getting rid of it, and some methods are not exactly legal. People poison cats, shoot them, or catch them and drive them to other parts of the city, or abandon them in the country. Legally though, in most areas, any cat off its owners property can be taken to the animals shelter in the area and turned in as a stray.

Nobody wants to come home to a smushed cat, dead on the road, but some of us will. This is owner error 100% of the time, even if the “kids let it out”. If you make the choice to let your cat go outside you have nobody to blame but yourself if it ends up dead.

Yes, many cats go outside and come home time after time, perfectly fine. But... what about the ones that don't.

©image owned by author, cat in cat enclosue

If you let your cat out, and something happens to it, I will have sympathy for your cat, total sympathy for the cat, but shame on you if you blame the driver who it it, or neighbor who stole it, its your fault, and only your fault, if your cat did not make it home. It sucks, but, well, deal with it.


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  3. I dunno... I've had numerous cats over the years, and I let them out all the time. It's the dogs that usually get squashed. When I see roadkill on the side of the road, I tend to see more dogs than cats.

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