Monday, August 15, 2011

Your Parents Don't Hate You if they Wont Buy You a Horse

When I was young I spend ages begging my parents to buy me a horse. I am certainly not the only girl to do, nor was I the only one who thought my parents were mean in not buying me a horse.

I guess I knew that horses were not cheap, and required monthly expenses, in terms of boarding costs (we didn't live in the country), farrier bills, and so forth, but I just figured they could afford it. I guess it must be true, teenage girls think the world revolves around them, all I knew is that I wanted a horse and my world was shattered by not having one.

My parents were not too unkind, they did pay for me to take weekly riding lessons, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Later they did let me attend Olds College to learn more about horses, how to train them, and so forth. It was almost a dream come true! I finally got my own horse when I inherited some money upon my grandmothers death – but I went a bit overboard and bought 4 horses. Oh well!

One of my first 4 horses, The Sorcerer.

Anyhow, what I am saying here is that if you are one of those horse crazy girls who is begging your parents to buy you a horse, you need to realize that it is not your parent's responsibility to buy you a horse.

It is your parent's responsibility to keep you safe, fed, clothed, and sheltered. It is not up to them to buy you a horse no matter how hard you try to convince them it is.

All the promises to get good grades or to keep your room clean will never be kept, after all, you will be at the barn all the time!

It sucks if you cannot convince your parents to buy a horse, but (and especially if you do not live rurally) this is just not something most parents buy for their kids. Not only is a horse a huge expense, but parents sometimes know they will be stuck paying for it if you tire of it (and turn your interest to boys, or friends, instead of horses). Selling a horse isn't always as easy as it may seem.

Your parents have a ton of other financial responsibilities, paying the mortgage, power bills, and so forth. The more you beg and plead, the more it's gonna piss them off. Buying a horse is your responsibility, and nobody else's.

The best way around this is to either ask for lessons, or to go for a trail ride. You can start a job and pay for lessons yourself, if your parents are unable to. The best thing to do is really to work, and save your money so that when you move out you can buy a horse for yourself, or better yet buy an acreage... and later get horses!

In the mean time, I know it sucks that your folks wont spend thousands of their hard earned dollars to buy you a horse... but.. well... deal with it.


  1. Most stables will often give free riding lessons if you offer to help out with the mucking out.

  2. My daughter loves horses and that a good idea to go to the place and ask if we can work something out with them, if she will help with the horses.

  3. i know someone that owns a stable in Colorado

    - Jusstine
    Psychic L.A.

  4. Wow! That will be a great pet indeed. I love horses and I always want to ride a horse. Horses are very kind pets and they really love their owners.