Monday, August 8, 2011

Your Dog Needs a Veterinarian, Deal with it

Have you spent anytime on Internet pet forums, Yahoo!Answers, or WebAnswers? If so, you know how common it is for a dog owner to post a serious question about their pets health.

My dog is bleeding what should I do? My dog has not eaten in a week, what should I do? My dog has lost weight and cannot stand up, I am so worried about my beloved pet, what should I do? For crying out loud people, you should get your dog, your beloved pet, to a veterinarian for proper care and attention that's what you should do. Quit wasting time on the Internet asking strangers who many not have a clue about dog health what to do with your suffering dog.

Really, is this such a hard message to get? Why do people spend ages on-line looking for free help from people they do not even know when a real veterinarian is only a phone call away?

I don't care if its midnight, Christmas day, or the fourth of July, if your pet is deathly ill, suffering, or in pain, it needs veterinarian attention, and your vet is the best one to turn to. Veterinarians may not be in the office all the time, but are on-call and will provide service when needed, it's one of the things that suck most about the job I am sure... but they will do it.

Sometimes people like to throw it out that they cannot take their beloved dog to the vet because they have no money. Hmm, they can spend $3.00 a day on coffee from Starbucks but cannot manage to save money for emergency vet care? If you're that broke, why did you even get a dog? The worst is when a person gets a new pup, the pup has black smelly diarrhea, and they say they cannot afford a vet, I just want to yell at them if they just got a pup, and are already too broke to save its life, what where they thinking getting a puppy?

I wrote an article some time ago about certain common pet health problems, I warned people that in most cases their pet needs to see a real veterinarian, I even added the statement at the bottom that I am not a veterinarian and that you should not trust strangers on the Internet to give pet advice, yet this article gets bombarded with people asking for free online advice for their pet with a real medical concern.

Please, if your dog is sick, in pain, has lost weight, is falling over, has not eaten, or is just not acting like it normally does, you need to see a veterinarian. And yes, veterinarians do cost money, deal with it.


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  4. As a Pet Sitting Company in Houston we often emphasize to our clients that there is no substitute for proper veterinary care. If your child has not eaten for a week do you yahoo answer it or do you go to a doctor. Any good Parent would say doctor. Same goes for pets. While there are many preventative measures that you can take once noted that your pet is sick please take them to the vet.

  5. I love pets even if their small or big. I ts really hard to have a dog, you have to walk them and feed them and even more but they will always be your best friend

  6. Another great post - thank you! I recently saw a message on my local animal welfare group's Facebook page. The fellow wrote a scathing attack on the group because he wanted to surrender his sick senior dog to the group so they could euthanize the dog. The animal welfare group advised him to take the dog to his vet as the group's mandate was to rescue animals - not supply on-demand euthanisia. The fellow responded saying that he couldn't afford the $160 fee from the vet and believed that the welfare group should be responsible for assisting him. What is it about society today that noone wants to be responsible and accountable. You shouldn't own a pet if you cannot provide adequate care for it. As a dog trainer I see this lack of personal accountability for pets all the time - somehow people feel that feeding their pets is their only responsibility. It's a sad state of affaris.

  7. How's your opinion towards dog health insurance? Seems that saving is a better option...


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  12. As a dog trainer, I can tell you that I've seen puppies turn very, very quickly. Do not hesitate taking your pet to the vet. Be clear what you want done. Your dog can die from bloat in under 30 minutes if not taken care of.

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